Mulawin Characters Pagaspas, Lakan Show Up in Encantadia 2016

We've heard that Mulawin will fly again sometime 2017 with Dennis Trillo as the lead star.

Viewers believe this is definitely going to happen as two Mulawin characters made their cameo in Encantadia 2016.

Pagaspas reprised by Miguel Tanfelix (who played the same character in the original) made it to the requel of Encantadia.

Alden Richards then had a special appearance as Lakan, a Mulawin charater that was neither in the original Encantadia or Mulawin series.

The possible presence of both Dennis Trillo and Alden Richards as the lead stars has gotten fans all riled up. The question when such instance happens is, who gets top billing? And they want their favored celebrity to be the one.

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