The Characters

The Characters in Mulawin:

  • Aguiluz – Mulawin, tasked by his father Aquilar to protect Alwina at all cost. 
  • Alwina – half-Mulawin/half-Human, prophesied to be the Sugo who will unite the Mulawin and Humans. Later, joins forces with the Mulawin.
  • Gabriel – Human/Ravena, childhood friend of Alwina.
  • Aviona – Mulawin, has a secret unrequited love for Agiluz.

  • Vultra/Violeta/Veronica – Ravena/Human/Mulawin, Queen of the Ravenas and wife of Rasmus. She transforms herself into the human form known as Violeta to kill the Sugo and later purified into Mulawin as Veronica. Revealed as the wife of Bagwis and the real mother of Alwina.
  • Savannah – Human into Ravena, a social climber whose main goal is to get closer to Gabriel and his inheritance, no matter who or what stands on her way.
  • Dakila – Mulawin, the aging wise leader of Mulawins. 
  • Ravenum – Ravena, the surrogate father of Rasmus, the real father of Aguiluz and Gabriel, and evil lord and ancestor of Ravenas. 
  • Bagwis – Mulawin, the protégé of Dakila favored to be the next leader of Mulawins. He is the father of Alwina and the first husband of Vultra (who was later purified into Mulawin as Veronica).
  • Habagat – Mulawin, the brother of Bagwis (who secretly longs to be the next leader of their race). He later joins forces with Ravenas. He is the husband of Linang and the father of Mulagat.
  • Rasmus – Ravena, King of the Ravenas and the second husband of Vultra. He was a Mulawin before turning into a Ravena and later purified back into Mulawin to join forces against Ravenas in the last war. He is the best friend of Bagwis.He was later revealed to be an illegitimate child of Ravenum . 

  • Tuka – Ravena turned Mulawin, revealed as the adopted mother of Pagaspas and allies with Mulawin.
  • Kuwak – Ravena purified into Human, joined forces with the Tagubas and the Mulawin,
  • Pagaspas/Gus – Night owl, the owl pet of Alwina who transforms into a young boy when together with another owl, Lawiswis. Later revealed as an adopted son of Tuka, a Ravena who was purified into a Mulawin. 
  • Lawiswis/Wis – Night owl, the owl friend of Pagaspas who transforms into a young girl when with him.
  • Mayi – Mulawin, she can transform into a maya bird. She is usually sent to spy the enemies.
  • Lourdes – Human, she finds the giant egg which hatches Alwina. She is considered a witch by the town people, thereby is outcast to live in the outskirts of Tierra Fuego. She was purified into Ravena queen by Ravenum. She is the mother of Aramis, she was beaten and raped by a drunk man while trying to protect Veronica from the rapist. 
  • Lucio Montenegro – Human, the adopted father of Gabriel. He is a ruthless landlord and the richest man in Tierra Fuego. He is later killed by a Ravena warrior with a gunshot.
  • Terong – Human, a peasant in the Hacienda de Montenegro and best friend of Gabriel. Terong's death at the hands of the Ravena later made Gabriel realize that siding with the Ravena is a very wrong choice. 
  • Niwalum – Mysterious being, a playmate of Pagaspas and Lawiswis. "Niwalum" is also a reversed name or word of Mulawin. The series reveals Niwalum to be the manifestation of the Mulawin's magical Molave Tree in human form. 
  • Avilan – Mulawin, a great warrior-hero ancestor of all winged humanoids, and from whose namesake the Mulawins derived their home's identification. Later, as spirit guide to Amihan in Encantadia.
  • Aguilar – Mulawin, a great warrior-hero and father of Aguiluz. Later in the series, Aguilar turns out to be just a mere "creation" of Dakila to hide Aguiluz's real identity and origin.
  • Paloma – Mulawin, a mysterious Mulawin living in the city, and could transform herself into a real bird. Flashbacks reveal that she is the daughter of Dakila, and that she self-exiled because of a misunderstanding with him. She later dies, also at the hands of the Ravena, shortly after she confessed her love to Gabriel. 

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